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Regarding the other TV animation units on Disney

Discussion in 'Disney / Pixar' started by Dave Koch, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Dave Koch

    Dave Koch Cartoon Admin

    Oct 27, 2013
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    Fellas, this is by no means necessary to rewrite and therefore repeat the same subject in any way, BUT this IS by means a follow up to a thread i did about the Disney TV animation units, here regarding the non Disney animation units ON the Disney shows, however.

    This topic will concern and subject exclusively on DISNEY.

    so without further ado.

    Freelance Animators NZ: As i read about the studio's history it was basically founded by Barry Pierce (who had an occupation of that of a Graphic Artist/Designer) and John Ewing (who was a former Disney artist who animated on late 50s/60s stuff), all i know that it was originally set up tentatively as a studio before they were contracted to produce animation for Tiny Toons and because they had no animators by the time they were at the last minute changed into an animation institution school so that they could fetch a crew of animators into taking on the project. Also there have been several offshoots off of this firm including Flux Animation and Toonz Animation (more on Toonz later).

    Pacfic Rim Productions: Really not much is known about these guys (what's known is that they animated on stuff like The Smoggies and the Super Mario World cartoon), but one of their credits was animating most of the bubbles in The Little Mermaid, the last Disney animated feature (not counting those FAKE cheapquels of course) to be done on cell paper (also the last to be shot on film cells) and aside from that, they didn't really have much of a role in the Disney shows, not to mention that they certainly did not really do any animation (their main role was that of an ink and paint dumphole), so maybe they don't really count, but i will say a few notes about them though, i'm quite sure they being a Chinese studio is actually false (well, there's a saying that you should not believe everything you read, especially Wikipedia) and instead i'm pretty sure they were mainly located in the Philippines.

    And also this one is a matter of question, weren't they related in some sort to Pacfic Animation Company (the one at the time who originally cranked out stuff like Silverhawks and ThunderCats), just wondering.

    Kennedy Cartoons: Hence the name, this was the studio of animator Glen Kennedy, I think they were founded (in 1990, to be exact) just after Kennedy had finished work on The Jetsons Movie (which is from 1989), Kennedy himself was known to have an extremely noticeable animation style (be it "Cigar chewing mouths, thick eyebrows, lumpy joints, unnecessary bouncing movements especially those dances *shrug* , and an overall hideously funky, spastic and pretty creepy overall look, you name it), which have given him and his studio a really bad rep for ages, their first work was on stuff like Tiny Toons and not just the fans but the producers at Warner Bros Animation actually found that the animation from Kennedy was really frightening and extraneous so they fired them as quickly as possible and had one studio fill in for a while before they finally got Jon McCellelhan (from HB Australia) and his own studio to permanently replace them for good, and for the contrary Kennedy did NOT do any work on Animaniacs (BUT, imagine if they did though.).

    Anyway, enough of that, back ON TOPIC, shortly after, Kennedy later showed up on Disney shows just in time to animate on Darkwing Duck (where they did such episodes like Water Way to Go), Glen Kennedy himself is known to have done a little animation on some of the Darkwing shows and later they animated on Goof Troop and i believe their last work for Disney was on the Aladdin TV series (which was based of off the feature film from 1992) and i think that was mostly it for them on the Disney shows, i've once read that they were merged by some Asian studio called Animasia in 1997 whose latest work was animating on the Wacky World of Tex Avery (splitting it with Taiwan based Hong Ying Animation Company).

    Startoons: Most famous for their work on the later Tiny Toon episodes and of course Animaniacs (their most prominent use was that of Pinky and The Brain and Slappy Squirrel) but i ain't talking about Warner animation shows, i'm talking about Disney, Sheesh!, well anyway, i once read on Wikipedia ages ago (mentioned on the production orders) that they did work at one point for Disney Australia on shows like Goof Troop (usually as on the production orders with something called SBS, what did THAT stand for, anybody know?) and working for Kennedy Cartoons on Darkwing Duck, Jon McClellhan (though i haven't really seen much of his own work) is a No-Brainer as far as modern animator IDs go (let's just say, hmm, big pupils, smooth jerk movements, accurate lip sync handling, sharply fast timing and an overall solid on model look), you could say the same thing about Darrel Van Citters as IDs go but the drawing styles and earmarks are still different for good measure.

    more info about the others later.


  2. Dave Koch

    Dave Koch Cartoon Admin

    Oct 27, 2013
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    OK, now here are the others.

    Wang: As with Kennedy, this was the studio of Chung Yuan Wang (called in American productions, specifically Hanna Barbera shows as James Wang and that in general changing a real first name of someone, especially a Chinese foreigner, for a fake, generic one just seemingly bullies and robs someone out of their cultural rights and origins, not to mention impaling and blanking someone out of an actual identity in terms of publicity and reality, so to speak of, that is one of the shady parts of outsourcing overseas) and Wang himself has a fairly long business in the modern animation industry, starting out as an non credited assistant in Raggedy Ann and Andy the Musical & seemingly went back to his homeland in Taipei, Taiwan and set up a studio called Cuckoo's Nest Studio and later a self titled Wang Film Productions unit came into practice and originally that was an ink and paint/ inbetween / film shooting dumphole for Cuckoos Nest and a training ground for a new crew of animators, so to speak and the it just goes on and on and on.

    Anyway on to the Disney shows, Their first known work for Disney was on DuckTales to split up the work with TMS and later on branched out to shows like Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, Winnie the Pooh, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop and Aladdin. They continued to do work for Disney until it came to a point that they would be rarely used at all in favor for studios like Rough Draft Korea (Mainly, Rough Draft Studios Inc, regularly and exclusively means the main studio out in California, USA), Toon City, Starburst, Lotto Animation, DongWoo Animation, Yaeson (Yeson - Yaeson , Tomato- Tomata, what's the big difference, i still consider then the same anyway) and Koko Enterprise.
    Anyway for a while, they were known (even in their earliest work for Hanna Barbera) for a reputation of extremely thick scratchy outlines (sometimes they had colored lines, sometimes they had trouble with the linework), lumpy and extremely choppy movements, really amateurish shading and often really badly drawn and awkward looking characters (check out something like their work on Garfield, especially the one with the Pizza Patrol at the end when it sticks out, or something like I Yabba Dabba Doo for something really freaky, like look at Betty in that one and compare her to the original appearance and also the Aladdin episode they did with the climax scene of Aladdin saying "I want my monkey" that was really hideous and rather extraneous as i remember),
    however, they could produce great, brilliant and slick looking work like in Brainstem with Pinky and The Brain and also something like Inspector Gadget as well, I guess they just had a consistency problem and kinda varied depending on who was directing them.

    Sunwoo: Well, when these guys first worked on the Disney shows, i would guess that they did assistant work for Disney Japan (again i could be entirely false) based on their early work, their early work sort of resembled Disney Japan a little bit, but to tell them apart, their animation was never very fluid, zany, creative or even very funny. their animation was sort of the opposite of Goofy. while Disney France and Australia's work on Goofy made me laugh so hard every now and then, and Disney Japan had wonderful execution that didn't hurt anything and instead were fun to look at, even if not as funny as France or Australia, Sunwoo stuck out like a black tumor, in that case, their stuff was really stilted, dead (look at how often Peg was drawn when Sunwoo handled her, really funky) , extremely amateur (look at the scene in the rain maker episode were Pete throws out his flowers and exactly the scene were the Judge, Goofy, Max and PJ are shielding themselves, that looked like it was done and animated by a brain damaged amateur wearing a blindfold) and really clunky, they are most defiantly my least favorite on the Disney shows, yuck.
    And contrary to what i've once read about Sunwoo being out of bussiness, actually that is certainly false, they are still around and that may only be a case of them (outside something like Family Guy, a show i clearly despise to no end, assumed from two offshoots like Grimseam and Anivision, but to my knowledge Anivision never worked on Family Guy, to be honest) being rarely used as of now.

    Guminares: Again, there's not a lot of history to these guys (only thing i know is that they are of Brazil), but their work on Goof Troop seems to be a cross between Sunwoo and Wang, so that means their work seems to be inbred as well, defiantly nothing special and also not worth getting detailed about either.

    Moving Images International: Well, they seem to do only one Goof Troop episode which was In Goof We Trust, about them, their animation and execution appears to be a cross between Disney Japan (funny considering Philippines is a neighboring of Japan) Australia and France, TMS and Toei (Toei to my knowledge though, never did any work for Disney).
    And it appears they did fairly decently though, not that they were bad or anything.

    Animal House: I think this one mostly animated on specifically Japanese Original projects, but for a time they did work for Hanna Barbera and later some subcontract work for Disney Japan, especially on the episode with the Orchestra.
    As for their animation and execution and their styling, i must say it is certainly not anything special, just your average typical Japanese style animation, in by no means they did a bad job on, though.

    Tama Production: Pretty much the worst out of the Japan units to work on the episodes, it seems they were extremely attached and did not bother to go even a little far from the usual Japanese animation, because their animation is extremely choppy, clunky, stilted, and really forced. they were also not very good with the designs so with their handling it wasn't uncommon to have the designs drift away into looking like lousy Nippon Animation (ala Little Lulu)/ Toei/ Manga interpretations, as i recall reading, TMS would sometimes have this problem (not specifically, but something similar though) only a few times when animating on Tiny Toons and Animaniacs (one of what i read, it wouldn't resist into adding extraneous Japanese Manga earmarks like that circle walk or something, but that was less in that sort of case), back to tama, speaking of that case, they would even move exactly the same way as well, and sometimes the animation would be like reused 1980s Japanese leftovers from Saturday Morning shows like ThunderCats and G.I Joe, BLECCH!
    think i've said enough of Tama for now.

    Toon City: This was a Filipino unit of former Bakshi animator Colin Barker, their animation is certainly nothing really special, what's special is that they are sure a no brainer especially right down to the lumpy bobbing movement and the not so sharp fast timing, then again i mostly haven't seen a lot to really specify their work.

    Toonz Animation NZ: This studio as mentioned earlier, was offshooted from Freelance NZ from specifically and exactly a former group of Freelance animators and i think this studio was involved on certain cartoons from Mickey Mouse Works judging from the group of animators being formely off Freelance, although i could be wrong about Toonz working on Mickey Mouse however.

    And this is all i could do, there are certainly more of the other animation studios that did work for Disney, but that would be all too long and too much unnecessary work for one post, instead i would politely like to hear your guys opinions, speculations and of course your say on this thread instead, please note that i would only like educated posts, thank you.



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