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Garfield and Friends (1988-1995) Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Other / Multiple Studios' started by Dave Koch, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Dave Koch

    Dave Koch Cartoon Admin

    Oct 27, 2013
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    Hi, there was a cartoon show called Garfield and Friends, any thoughts and opinions on it?

    Ok, as for me, well all i can say (i have seen the show a lot of times when i was a kid when i watched it on YTV in 1999- early 2002 and when i rented it on DVD in October 2004 and since, exactly one example sums up all just for me, no doubts guys. ) is that i actually find this show to me much more times hapazardly worse than the regular comics by Jim Davis and even the original specials, namely exactly in terms of Writing and yes Art Direction and Animation too, i mean come on, the animation in these things are obivously stiff, wobbly, and extremely rubbish, even here Wang's (i'm not saying their a bad studio or anything like that, but i'm just citing the reputation i heard of them on shows like Tiny Toon Adventures and Mighty Mouse, namely the thick lined stuff and that, but here this is a diffrent story) stuff is extremely noticable (this doesn't really attempt to do 40s full style animation ala Animanaics and Darkwing Duck, just trying to be it's own self), right down to the lumpy, boiling, and rather nauesous execution (if you don't belive my opinion that i find this show's general art direction to be rotten compared to the regular comics, i'm going to post a picture plus one by Jim Davis himself to prove it), the Art Direction was extremely horrible, i mean come on, if you've read the regular strips, you will find that Jim Davis' own drawings have more variety (psst, Floyd - Squeak, which sums up all in one because after that it just goes on and on and on and not worth mentioning either) and even more life and action than this, a few times when it does attempt it's own vareity (including the highest it could only get) it's usually pretty much all standard typical wretched Saturday Morning Made-For-TV crap that is pretty amateur and the drawing level looks like that of a immature crazy 8 year old (no offense, sorry guys, really) and it was also one of the factors that led to an era (mostly the 1990s, really) of stuff that was really eye twitching defiently (namely the non-Disney, Nickelodeon-Ren and Stimpy- Spumco type junk that continues to poison Canadian animation namely stuff like Wayside, Scaredy Squirrel and Spliced and just plain badly drawn stuff that is extremely child-made like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Rocko's Modern Life and Hey Arnold, i actually drew from those shows when i was around 6-8 took place in roughly 2001-2003 and even though my drawings of those shows no longer are around, i betcha from memory that i drew them perfect, if i saw those i did, and compared them to the actual shows i could say at the time is that i think i drew those perfectly as a kid).

    And as for the writing, well Mark Evainer is exactly obviously involved in this (even Jim Davis wrote a few himself too), and he himself is really extrodalily talented, i do not wish to hurt anyone's feelings, nor offend them, and if did, i'm extremely sorry, but i find the writing here to be typically hackish dated crummy 1970s-1980s Hanna Barbera type junk that really consists of extremely boring and lame as watching paint dry cliched Saturday Morning type plots that really do no justice to Jim Davis' regular well written material of the comic strip and other times it's just irrating, brutal and unwatchable stories featuring the most irrating characters and songs (spastic and un-hummable tunes, exending to the theme tunes of the intros execpt the seinfeld type one which i find to be pretty cool) imaginable (come on, Nermal has a shrill and "Look at me, I'm doing a Cartoon character" annoying voice, Voice Actors would never pinch their noses for cartoon voices unless a character smells something bad like a Skunk, the type of voice Nermal has those are defiently Pretend Cartoon Voices in it's only form ever, The Buddy Bears, Bananna Nose, Wade You're Afraid, Friends are there - Stop Please, gimme a rest, heavens to murgatroyd) and while i jive and execrise to Ed Bogas' and Dessire Goyttee's jazzy and catchy theme tunes set to the strains of the talented blues voice of Lou Rawls as in the specials, This is most certainly not the case here, instead the Theme Tunes here are just extremely UNBEARABLE and really typical cliched saturday morning theme tune stuff (ala the terrible 1986 Dennis The Menace cartoon and Walter-Melon which even if you've have not read the original Achille Talon stuff from 1962, is actually pretty much like this show).

    But i will give a few GOOD points i have with it, we at least still have the fabuolous Lorenzo Music as Garfield and Thom Huge's gidderselve talented cartoonist type voice (which would be assocated most likey if you meet a cartoonist like, say, EVEN Ralph Bakshi) for Jon Arbuckle, and sometimes you get great actors (even the old celebrity guys who've managed to live very long) like Don Knotts, James Earl Jones (hey he did me in The Lion King), Gary Owens and Paul Winchell.

    BUT, as for the Art Direction and Animation being worse than that of Jim Davis' comic strip i'll show you the pictures right now, be sure to click on the inline attachments as i'm only that of an apprentice ranking here.

    Whoops, looks like i'm done here and said everything i could say, all my memories and stuff i have with the show will forever be summed in one here, and i'm leaving this show alone permanently (never ever looking back), so let's hear your opinions and say on this.

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