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    Other Side Of Maleficent

    I have been looking forward to Maleficent with equal amounts of anticipation and dread. On one hand, she is easily my favorite Disney villain, so cold and so pure, and I want desperately to see more of her and her back-story. On the other hand, she is easily my favorite Disney villain, and I would hate to see her parodied, taken lightly or ultimately destroyed in a film that does not understand this great character. The good news is that this film almost gets it right; but that is also the bad news.

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FOP question: Did Fredrator relocate?

Discussion in 'Cartoon Network, Nick, Boomerang and The Hub' started by Dave Koch, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Dave Koch

    Dave Koch Cartoon Admin

    Oct 27, 2013
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    I remember seeing The Fairly OddParents together with ChalkZone back in the day and i clearly recall that the first 9 episodes or so of the Fairly OddParents, on the The End cards of the specific episode there was a notice that said: Created in the Hollywood U.S.A.

    So, now we know from there that Fredrator Studios was defiantly originally based in Hollywood, and Chalkzone had this notice on it's end titles to the bitter end, however on the Fairly OddParents though, beginning with Boys In The Band, the notice disappears from the end titles and it stays that way for the entirely of the series run - which brings up this question.......

    Did the studio eventually relocate from Hollywood then, i know My Life As A Teenage Robot only had the Hollywood notice on the pilot's end titles and the actual series' end titles does not bear the Hollywood notice, so did Fred Siebert relocate to another area in California to move closer to Nickelodeon Studios or something?.

    Intrestingly the "Hollywood" episodes (and the Oh Yeah ones, all of those episods have the Hollywood notice on it's end titles) of The Fairly OddParents are quite noteworthy, especially the ones were Jaime Diaz is credited with Butch Hartman in directing - The Big Problem and Father Time in particular......

    In the Big Problem, Vicky isn't that much of a bad character (or even a loud character she became in the later episodes or a downright nasty villanous character she later became in the post-OddBaby episdoes, defiantly the one where she gets fired) in this one, she actually noticed and worried if Timmy got lost, technically in the episode Timmy is tired of being a small fry, being picked on at school by Francis the bully, so he makes a wish that he became older, but of course, he gets turned into a creepy hairy old guy and not the older person as he thought the wish may give him, then he goes through all kinds of trouble and gets thrown in jail, then Cosmo and Wanda get reassigned to a bad behaved child and Timmy decides not to be a hairy old creep anymore and acts like a kid again and of course he returns back to normal and decides that he 'd rather continue being a kid to become a supreme mature adult rather than a creepy old-crotchety coot.

    And Father Time needs no introduction, Timmy Turner's Dad is not the stupid Cake n Bacon obsessed dropout he later became, he is far more intellegent and smarter in this episode and this version of the character even carries on in Pipe Down!: in this one Timmy wishes for heat vision and melts his Father's hard earned trophy, and coming to his trophy senses , he saw what Timmy did and is so mad and angry and upset that he grounds Timmy for wrecking his trophy and Timmy wishes to go back in time and make sure that he never wins the trophy, but of course, this takes him into an alternate world where Dad reigned supreme and of course here's a qoute from the moment of the episode everyone knows best: "And Here's where i put my trophy - IF- I-HAD-ONE!".

    And the story-line of this episode is far better than Vicky Gets Fired, and Cosmo and Wanda seemed to be way more developed in the Oh Yeah Hollywood episodes than they are in the Poof-onward ones.

    But, however, and before Poof arrived even, the Fairly OddParents took a step downhill after season 3 and defiantly beginning with season 4, the thing is, at the time, Butch Hartman left the show in favor of Danny Phantom and even with that show, Butch took a step down in his quality as well, (you'll know this when you consider that Jack Fenton is actually the absolute best and funniest character on the show, like Timmy's Dad before him) and Butch left the show to the hands of Sarah Frost and Gary Conrad and i stopped watching the show and remember outright despising it when Channel Chasers spoofed two of my enamored things at the time: Charlie Brown and Speed Racer.

    And they would have gone too far for me if they spoofed Garfield in the same unflattering way as well, and in fact the writing also went downhill at this time as well, It's A Wishful Life and Truth or Cosmoquences are both clear examples of painful to watch material.

    And the animation later became inconsistent, it was consistent when Bob Boyle was the show's art director, but when George Goodchild and Ernie Gilbert replaced him, that's when the animation later became haywire, for example, there is one episode (Baby Face, One Man Banned) where it's all done like the show's classic animation and then one (A Bad Case of Diary-Uh, Dabracadbra) where the characters are all drawn round, cherubic and ugly to the point were it looks extremely horrid, Danny Phantom and the failed Crash Nebula pilot were drawn like this as well......

    And in the early episodes, Guy Moon's scores were jazzy and coherent, but in later episodes his scores are loud, off key and dissonant, much like the inept scoring and god-afewul music on The Looney Tunes Show , that's all i have to say for now, reply soon!

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