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Captain Simian and The Space Monkeys (1994).

Discussion in 'Other / Multiple Studios' started by Dave Koch, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Dave Koch

    Dave Koch Cartoon Admin

    Oct 27, 2013
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    Does anyone remember or have heard of this one?

    Recently i've watched the first 9 or so episodes and frankly this series is about Captain Simian and his Space Monkey/Ape crew who are bent on saving Earth by destroying Nebula and their chances on going home, this series was produced by Epoch Ink Animation, founded by Joe Pearson, a former Cookie Jar/ Warner Bros Animation employee, and the animation duties were handled by former Ren and Stimpy artists, among of which Andy Kim (was he related to Michael Kim, who also worked on Ren and Stimpy as well) who founded Toon-US-In which functions pretty much the same as Rough Draft Studios in having a satellite studio in Korea, in fact the overseas duties varied from the afromentioned Toon Us In, Sun Min Animation and Jireh Production.....

    In fact this is pretty much worth posting because it includes Splitzy who lives up to his name by switching into his alter ego Dr Splitz!, in fact that character just looks a LOT like ME personally, and in fact shares the the exact same HI-Q 100% high minded human spirit as mine and he also echoes a lot of Stimpy (a pure cartoon personality, aside from being a catted human inventor just like Dr Splitz) and then there is Gor, who doesn't realy have brains, but has a huge caring heart and his temper has a big berserker button that if you provoke him some way, his strength turns him into Gormoungous!.

    Still, we can't forget about the Captain himself, whose name is Charles Chuck Simian and there's the only two real monkeys on board, the expert kung-fu fighter Shao Lin, and the greedy, snarky and somewhat cowardly Spydor and the enemies beside Nebula are Rhesus 2......

    And how in the world (for a Y7 rated show) did they allow the creators to show that nasty grizzed gored carnage of Rhesus 1?, children must've not have been stupid back then and the censors and FCC at the time actually saw smarts in children back then, yup, those were the REAL good ol days all right and plus that allowed older big kids and adults to watch things that were initially meant for children, children cartoons (and even infant 0-4 rated stuff) used to be a lot more mature back then, unlike now!.....

    And before the age of just only boring live action news stuff, there was a time where they actually showed cartoons, sure the 1970s and 1990s had their share of fairly rotten stuff, but every now and then they always showed nearly just only the GOOD cartoons back in day, plus they even showed CLASSICS as well....... and this was evident as late as 2004 EVEN!.

    On Topic, somewhat, Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys ran for only one season of 26 episodes, the poor sales of the action figures caused the ratings to drop and the creators had to cramp it somehow and cut it short, this show wasn't in the form of Mattel Toys first, this is also another creator driven show by genius writer-cartoonist Gordon Bressack (whose credits are on TMNT and AoSTH.) and the producers should have realized back in the day that not every child (and barely ANY kid) in the area played or even bothered with action figures anymore, thanks to the age of High-End 3D rendered and powered computer games (including systems like the N64 and PSX) that captured MOST kids attention back in day maybe EVEN during the pre-production of the show, but then again, only very few kids bothered with toy figurines and whatnot......

    And what would have saved the show and ran properly up to at least 4 to 9 seasons is there really should have been a PSX/Saturn game of Captain Simian, then we'd have the few willing kids play with the action figures and more kids in the form of Captain Simian fans play the computer game....

    But it sounds a little far-fetched because around the same time the show aired, there was another cartoon with a Monkey which was based on the Chinese Journey to the West Fable called Monkey Magic in which was produced by Gunther Wahl Productions (same company that did Angry Beavers and the first season of Wild West COWBoys of Moo Mesa and the rest of the Chipmunks series including the Go To The Movies series.) with the animation duties by Group TAC and B Factory Animation, two Japanese based corporate animation sweatshops [​IMG], THAT also eventually got (for real this time around) a licensed arcade game by Sunsoft in the form of a PSX disc.

    And that show also got the axe and poorer ratings not really much that different from Captain Simian, although the reason is clear on Captain Simian, whilst on Monkey Magic it's sort of unclear how, might have been lack of promotion

    Monkeys and whatnot were a hot commodity that period, just like Lions were in the first half and the latter year before....... so this is all i have to say, enjoy!.



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