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Aquamania (1961) - Reuse discussion

Discussion in 'Disney / Pixar' started by Dave Koch, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Dave Koch

    Dave Koch Cartoon Admin

    Oct 27, 2013
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    Gee, talk about a patchwork of inconsistency.

    This film seems to be Woolie Reitherman's auteur film, considering that this film and its whole conception and even story seems to be just a mere excuse to cram even more recycling from even earlier Goofy films, for example, the G. Geef everyman scenes were taken directly from TWO films, i think pretty much MOST of the users know where they came from [​IMG]....

    Then we abruptly cut to the scene where Goofy takes his son Max (here called Junior, and in his original design, arguably the appearance on Goof Troop was considerably just modern redesign to the present), from there, even the original material in this film is ALSO recycle as well, does How to Swim bring to mind?

    Anyhow after Goofy tells Max about the briny blue, he notices only seconds later that he needs to stop due to traffic to the beach, when the car takes seconds long to stop Goofy holds on to his son Max, SHEESH, which is recyeled directly from Father's Lion, oh dear... [​IMG]

    And it JUST gets even MORE worse after that, need i mention the animation is extremely choppy, stilted and very rough and extremely jerky, specifically in this case, what bothers me the most in the animation is Goofy's entire appearance, i mean see for your self, one frame or two even less he has his current buck teeth and in most frames he literally doesn't and especially in movement they pop on and off in motion, which brutally clunks up the animation really BADLY, so that's exactly how choppy the animation is by definition.

    And in this cartoon, well i sure don't really know what they were trying to do other than to lazily cut costs and likewise inanely stay on budget (cheap by definition), but the "Xerox" execution in this short likewise bothers me the same as the animation does, it's so highly ridiculously static and so geriatic that it just rapes me to itchiness and therefore straight to scratching, that's how BAD it is, likewise the general coloring in this cartoon is really faded, dusty, sterile, bland and very VERY ugly, the overall technique is just as uninspired, flat and primitively stagnant, it looks like it was done by neanderthal cavemen (no pun intended as in no offense Fred Flintstone and i'm certain he could have done better than this).

    And the whole direction in this cartoon is so poor and so contrived that right at this point, what's the use in picking out even John Sibely, let alone John Lounsberry?, Woolie Reitherman's entire directorship trademark, which all consists of recycling from older generation films has really inhibited and extorted the animator's skills and individual talents and overall stripped out their personal style (thus giving out all of the correct meaning of the general dangers of limited animation, very bad).

    And literally this is also giving a really clear example of an extremely bad director, at least as far as that's concerend, even the story is terrible it goes like this:

    Recycle Motor Mania (fig. 1)

    Recycle Get Rich Quick (fig. 2)

    Recycle Father's Lion (fig. 3)

    Add in a poorly written Made-For-TV Hanna Barbera styled setup, which could be sensibly and perfectly imagined as a Fred and Barney setup teaser for the Flintstones, speaking of which this is also interchangeable to a scene in Calvin and the Colonel where they try to bring the car out of the boat (Fig. 3, cont'd)

    And the rest, just completely recycle How to Swim to the finish.

    See, even the story is recycled, goodness grief, this whole entire cartoon is not worth watching or even discussing in the first place, Walt Disney would have probably have said his opinion about these garbage disasters in the exact same manner as mine, it's even clear that Walt himself didn't like it and it's very VERY sad that Ol' Mister Walter Elias Disney had to spend his very last years in a decade in a half to his dead end producing mindless geriatric slop like this, with a combination of factors including the polo injury and many years of chain smoking that brought an even worse matter (which also made him quit doing vocal duties for Mickey Mouse as the smoking slightly damaged his falsetto range), as a third factor i think these timed years in the 1960s producing really nasty-looking, dusty, rotten, filthy, and highly degraded bilge really made his naturally written death even more PAINFUL than it would have been stand-alone naturally.

    This is also a good place to talk about general recycling and reuse of the Disney stuff over the years, the modern non-Walt "Rennasance" features and even the Television stuff to House of Mouse (specifically the Disney Afternoon stuff ala DuckTales, Darkwing Duck and New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), just as long as you leave the Nick-type creator driven shows (ala Schnookums and Meat, Doug, Pepper Ann, Reccess, Proud Family, Filmore and American Dragon) out of the way and mainly focus on the classic regular and feature based stuff, [​IMG].

    All ready, let's have a go....



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